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It will blow your mind and change your perspective of the universe I promise. Hope someone listens to this!! Elizabeth WAO! Hunter we both share the same day march 12 Completely agree on the numerology reading. Lethabo Mokwena I have just found my twin. Ankita This described me perfectly.

I am a doctor and absolutely imaginative and intuitive.

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The impatient nature and impulsive expense are just so me. Gaurav Cool, i m a doctor too. May god bless us all. KFromthaKy March 12, Me exactly. Numan Same day Maria It's simply me Joy I cant agree more Lee Born on the 12th also Go figure! David I was born on the 12 of march and I love ma self. Khanya I feel revitalised and reborn. You have defined me and inspired me to keep on shining and believe in myself.

It is so amazing how someone you never met knows the inner being in you. Thank you for those words.

March 12 Zodiac

I find it had so to forgive myself and to let go of the past. You have given me medicine that has healed my soul and cured my broken heart. Thank you from all that I am. This is so me. Shivendra Juptier jupiter jupiter Lex Hey. I was born Mar.

I was born in NY. Where were you born? I also use to hide my feelings. Abhishek Chauhan [quote]Message from shailja singh mine is 12 march Shelbie Jacobs I was born March 12th also! Yume Kuran wow me too same year too. Cheryl In anger I realize something about myself has to change.

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I love God. I love the Rosary. I have not met my soul mate yet. I pray for my brothers' life to be good and for relatives and family life to be good including mine. Ikenna Pls would lik 2 meet u cn u pls send mi a txt wit ur number n dis ma own Your name:. I notice myself doing this often its crazy [Reply] [Cancel reply].

Adrian march 12th , wow this is so cool [Reply] [Cancel reply]. It is also so scary to see how many ppl share my bday [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Melinda This is who I am by far whoever did this horoscope was very accurate Keep up the good work [Reply] [Cancel reply].

Exact and precise this is really me [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Hunter we both share the same day march 12 Completely agree on the numerology reading [Reply] [Cancel reply].

Lethabo Mokwena I have just found my twin [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Get ready for a lightning-bolt epiphany or three! You may be struck with an amazing idea that helps people and also brings in sustainable pay why not do work that helps others, Gemini? A couple days prior, the stars throw you a cosmic coming-out party. The spotlight is on you and one of your solo endeavors. Just make sure you can actually deliver what you promise. A T-square between the Sun, full moon and foggy Neptune could compel you to overdo it.

They might just take your words literally, which will leave you with some awkward explaining to do. The next day December 13 , Neptune will glide into a lovely trine with go-getter Mars in Scorpio and your sixth house of wellness and service. You may also have a soul-stirring vision about a project or work venture that could make a big impact on the world at large. On December 21, Capricorn season begins, and we may start to see less of you about town! You could also be deep in concentration with a detailed project.

Not only are the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn on Christmas Day, but December 26 features a Capricorn new moon solar eclipse, which brings a turbocharged new beginning to this intense zone of your chart. With the moon hanging out in Pisces and your status-driven tenth house, a small VIP soiree might be just what the stars ordered.

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The tenth house rules long-term goals, and with mystical Neptune hovering nearby, your manifesting powers are extra potent! Cleaning the slate is also crucial.

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As the calendar turns, you may make some definitive choices about the people, projects and processes that you leave behind in and which ones will usher you powerfully into Only problem: Have you shared that with your love interest yet? Easy, Gemini! On a related note, be careful about offering unsolicited coaching advice. When you take care of you, others can see the glow! On December 20, Venus shifts gears and blasts into your ninth house of travel and escapades, snapping you out of that tunnel vision and helping you see the big picture.

Come on, big money! This month marks a transition into a prosperous year as lucky Jupiter rockets into Capricorn on December 2, where it will fuel your eighth house of joint ventures, long-term wealth and shared finances until December 19, Jupiter visits this sector every 12 years it was last here in , priming you for partnerships that pay off.

How do you share power and control?

Is there a topic you want to dive deeply into? As Jupiter joins structured Saturn and powermonger Pluto, prepare to make some strategic moves! Circle the December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse as a major moment to seal a deal or combine your superpowers with someone whose skills complement yours to a tee. Team up FTW. At the December 15 Jupiter-Uranus trine, an innovative idea with a spiritual or healing twist could evolve into a fruitful undertaking. The influence of the patronizing planet of Mars will be felt in all acts committed by these people. These people can engage in almost any activity.

The main thing is for them to be able to determine for themselves what is most important for them and then they will succeed. It is not infrequently that the profession chosen not correctly can lead to the fact that they are not able to reveal their advantages in full. People born on this day have a natural talent, although rarely do it their profession.

Quite often they use their gift to achieve their goals. They are always very convincing, therefore their interlocutor cannot even have thoughts in their non-sincerity.