March 11 weekly horoscope

It feels good to get things done and finally get them off your plate. And as Mars moves into Capricorn, your lifestyle is in focus. And what about summer? Do it! The new moon occurs on Saturday in your relationship sector, so love is in the air, and love will happen. Remember that: Love will happen. And on Saturday, Mars enters your communication zone, making it the best time to get used to speaking up and letting your voice be heard.


Try to step into their shoes, and try to approach them from a place of empathy and compassion. The new moon in Pisces on Saturday gives you a second chance when it comes to personal goals—you may have slipped due to some stressors in your life, now is your chance to get back on track. These seem to come out of nowhere, but chances are, they have their roots in an event from the past, that may have occured with very little fanfare at the time.


This is a time to break down barriers and get closer than you have before. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Adventure is on the horizon, with Mercury and Venus sailing through your leisure sector. So what do you do?


You can get creative about financing, but this may be a good time to really look at your financials and come up with a system that will allow you to enjoy these trips without guilt when they do come up. It may be best to wait until next week, when everything is more certain.

Select workouts or classes you actually look forward to and can commit to showing up for regularly. The sixth house also governs your work habits, and indie-spirited Jupiter could inspire you to find alternatives to the grind. It still catches you off-guard and disappoints you to the core when you discover someone close to you has misrepresented a situation—or out-and-out lied to you.

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This Sunday, your ruler, the veracious Sun, in your loving and self-expressive fifth house has a showdown with shadowy Neptune in your eighth house of seduction and subterfuge. While you want to believe what someone is telling you, listen to your gut, which is better at screening out the posers and charming con artists. Thanks to a collaboration between Mars and Saturn, you can find a way to use what you have going for you to put together a successful career trajectory or life path. Keep your eyes on the prize and your nose to the grindstone.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: March 11 to March 17

Luckily, Mars in Taurus is vibing with Saturn in your expansion corner, making it so much easier for you to align your drive with your understanding of playing by the rules. Take action that serves a higher purpose like fighting for a cause rather than your personal agenda. If you catch yourself wondering how your relationship looks to the outside world, steer your focus back to the reality of being in the relationship. When the sun in your expansion zone goes up against Jupiter in your productivity corner, you may be tempted to overextend yourself, trying to pack in learning experiences and test your wings.

Pick projects that educate you and benefit others, but postpone intricate tasks.

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Fortunately, an alliance between Mars in your group house and Saturn in your one-on-one angle is building a bridge between you and others to facilitate teamwork, professional networking and group activities. Be willing to take a smart risk, and keep making everything about learning. Are you torn between investing wholeheartedly in one person and keeping your options open? Be honest with yourself about your feelings and give a connection time to develop — and give people the freedom to grow in their own way. So try not to make this about getting the feedback you want.

A Mars-Saturn coalition points to hard work paying off in the form of noticeable progress — and perhaps professional or public accolades.

Capricorn Weekly horoscope – March 11 12222

Concentrate on key goals and strive to accomplish them without a lot of flash. The sun in your interpersonal angle mixes it up with Jupiter this week, which could lead you to yearn for a more secure bond with someone. Or maybe a certain relationship will challenge you to move beyond longstanding beliefs or family expectations.

Since Mars in your exploration corner is clicking with Saturn in your joy sector, you have the momentum to push the limits of who you can be and what will make you happy. Unfamiliar experiences can reveal routes to personal fulfillment. You may be in a process of learning on the job, in which case you should prioritize duties that will teach you something.

Given this planetary configuration, you could make new career contacts, travel for your job or get super busy juggling your work and your social life.